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High Bays & Low Bays

Daybreak LED Lighting San Antonio TX

Our High Bay and Low Bay LED solutions are designed to meet your interior lighting needs. The Bay LEDs are utilized in factories, warehouses, gymnasiums and hundreds of other space illumination solutions . Go green with your industrial lighting!

It’s time to replace those your high energy consuming old T5, T8 and HID light fixtures. You can save as much 80% on your electricity costs by switching to Daybreak’s Bay lighting solutions. Here at Daybreak we want our customers to know it’s possible to spend less, implement quality lighting, improved safety, and power a solution that pays for itself. You’re looking at increased visibility while on the job, longer lifespan at 50,000 hours and little maintenance required.

Daybreak High Bay B-1 Series

Our High bay/Low Bay LED B-1 Series are designed to meet your industrial , warehouse, large building lighting needs. It’s modular design is great for easy maintenance.  View all High Bay B-1 Series options here.

Daybreak High Bay UFO Series

Our High bay/Low bay UFO Series LED smart design increases efficiency with fin style to help heat transfer across fixture. Daybreak UFO high bay/low bay lights allow for illumination that is widespread and powerful. View all High Bay UFO Series options here.

For more information or to receive a quote, please contact or call us at 1.800.LED.9526