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Interior & Architectural

Daybreak LED Lighting San Antonio TX

Interior & Architectural Lighting

What is your Focus?

Visual appeal? Efficiency? Maintenance? Code Compliance? Environment Productivity? Utilize rebate or grant opportunities? Remodel? Choices for new construction? We can help make these complex tasks simple. We offer sleek modern designs with top tier color rendering, CRI, IP ratings, Lumen Output, Consumption Controls, and Building Control options built in. Types range from but not limited to: surface mount, recessed, decor, architectural, linear, track.

Designing to impress, enhance, or improve ,we have solutions ranging from High End Spec fixtures to Quality Economical retrofit options are offered. Our Team will guide you through the process while keeping your goals and needs number 1.

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Did you know light can affect one’s mood or alertness?

DayBreak LED offers a solution for nearly all your lighting needs, and can focus on the human centric approach to lighting choices. These can have a large effect on mood, performance, learning environment, healing processes, and reduction of stress. An update to your lighting can modernize the the face of any business, set the tone for your customer’s experience while eliminating costly overhead, but don’t forget the science behind the light.