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Outdoor & Roadway Lighting

Daybreak LED Lighting San Antonio TX

Outdoor & Roadway Lighting

Roadway and Parking area safety is of the highest priority, for both the driver and pedestrian. Proper illumination pattern, foot candle readings, LM-79, LM-80 and LM-21 reports backed by an NVLAP laboratory are a must for qualifying the proper fixture choice and quality. With some of the best warranties in the industry Daybreak will help choose the proper fixture design for your application, and then stand behind for the years to come. Daybreak also offers custom fixture designs based on your specific needs. Our advanced LED technologies and Solar capabilities will help us provide long lasting and sustainable solutions. With past contracts involving municipalities, DOT, State and Local Governments you can be sure our Team is prepared to meet your needs.

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Did you know?

Did you know that the percentage of accidents is much higher at night and why?

The color of light you choose on roadway and area lighting projects can affect the human eye’s ability to see more efficiently? The eye changes techniques of rendering color and lumens at night and is greatly affected by color changes. (photopic and scotopic) Learn more from our Team.