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What is a MESCO?

About Us – DayBreak is a full service MESCO. (Manufacturing , Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Consulting company). Daybreak manages the manufacturing and supply chain on over 95% of its Solar, Lighting fixtures and monitoring solutions. Thus controlling efficiency, controls, design, and client customization. We offer distribution on a wide selection of energy efficient LED fixtures all designed and manufactured in our own ISO 9001 factories and backed by USA NVLAP laboratories. Our LED fixtures are created with quality and efficiency and our customer as the top priorities.



To navigate the implementation of your retrofit or spec fixtures. Help you understand the value of your lighting, through life span, energy efficiency and initial cost. We will help you predict your projected savings through an Energy Use Audit and we will work with our energy partners to achieve the largest rebates possible for your specific situation. From start to finish DayBreak LED will be with you all the way through your journey to a brighter more efficient and sustainable future. DayBreak will be with you throughout the entire process.

  • Assist in lighting soltion and selection.
    Distinguish lighting types, HID, CFL, HPS, and their proper LED equivalents.
  • Our team will help compute ROI (return on investment).
  • Calculate mean lumen conversions.
  • Detailed cost savings analysis.
  • Photometric design.
  • Automation and controls.
  • Managing Installation and project management.
  • Assist or fully process applicable rebates, grants, federal tax credits, state aid packages.

Our team will work side by side with our fellow colleges and consultants to develop a decisive project scope. Taking the guess work out and allowing your normal operations to not be largely disrupted.

Operating Costs

An agressive look into the efficency and lifespan of current lighting options. Analyze the actual operational and maintenance cost.


We will calculate projected savings. Combining tax savings, applicable rebates, grants, aid programs, reduction in maintenance, long term warranties and maintenace programs.

We calculate a sucessful integration in actual savings, increased efficency, sustainability, and an immediate reduction in operational expenses. Our clients do not just expect it, they deserve it.

Daybreak LED Lighting San Antonio TX
  • Post Instal
  • Pre Instal
What others say about us
K. Primeaux
Director of operations

The decision for our company to use DayBreak LED was an easy one; they were instrumental in helping us with fixture selection, energy savings and retrofitting. Their cost savings analysis showed us exactly when we would see a return on our investment. The updated styling, swift friendly service and fantastic savings were just a few of the benefits from our decison.

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What wattage LED do I need? Lighting analysis, who, how? What is the calculation for mean Lumens? What IP rating is best for my application? What light temperature is best? How does the color of light affect our behaviors? How important is the CRI of an LED? How Much Can I SAVE with LED? Do LED lights work with dimmer switches? How can we contract a DayBreak consultant? Do all equal wattage LED lights produce the same amount of light?  Connect with one of our Professionals today!

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