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Sports & Outdoors

Daybreak LED Lighting San Antonio TX

Sports & Outdoor Lighting

Our top tier Sports and Outdoor Lighting includes a variety of premium high mast fixtures, court lights, directional, and Dark Sky Friendly lighting options. Controls and monitoring solutions are available. Our lighting is available in a variety of beam angles, color temperatures and mounting solutions. We will help you choose the type of LED fixture, Lens type I, II, III, IV, V VS, Class and Division requirements. Our lighting can be integrated into your existing infrastructure while lowering energy consumption and improving light quality. The future of LED lighting is here, let one of our lighting professional’s illuminate the right choice for your outdoor lighting project.

Did you know?

Did you know that there are codes that restrict light use and controls that are mandated?

Did you know that ordinances restrict certain fixture types, angles and light spill? In addition other codes mandating automation, and sensor usage. To avoid making a costly mistake be sure to check all local and government restrictions on light types and lens configurations. Also Not all LED lights are equal, a lights wattage does not signify its output, only its consumption. Don’t forget to calculate the mean Lumens!