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Daybreak LED Lighting San Antonio TX

Retrofit Fixtures & Installations

A retrofit installation is the conversion of an existing fixture to a new upgraded solution. This solution can be an affordable way to upgrade existing fixtures when current infrastructure is viable. As a manufacturer we have total control over all the components we use in our retrofits. Many retrofits are similar in design and may even utilize identical housings, however the LED internal components vary greatly. DayBreak will help you choose the correct solution for your application making the ever so difficult decision easy.
Our seamless turnkey process removes all the hassles out of LED retrofits. Our team we will handle incentive analysis, pre and post inspections, turnkey installation and commissioning.

Retrofit Benefits

Complete Energy Efficiency Assessment
In House Manufactured Top Tier LED Retrofit Components
Outlined Return on Investment
Turnkey Installation
Degreed Engineers
Comprehensive long term warranties
Incentive and rebate processing
Decrease Energy Consumption up to 75%
Lower Maintenance Costs
Reducing Carbon Footprint