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Stadium Flood Lights


Our Stadium Flood LED solutions are designed to meet your outdoor lighting needs. The Daybreak Stadium Floods are our high power solution for man different applications such as: stadiums, arenas, construction sites and even roadways. It’s IP66-rating makes for the perfect and durable solution for outside use. Our light offers outstanding value and features a range of energy efficient, easy to install, highly recommended and reliable with 5-year warranty.

Daybreak Stadium Flood Series

Our Daybreak Stadium Flood Light Series are designed for easy install and great performance. It’s time to change out our power consuming metal halide fixtures and convert to highly efficient LED solutions. Daybreak Stadium Flood produces 100,000 lumens and more of illumination to light up our area so you can’t miss the action!  View all Stadium Flood options View all Stadium Flood Options Here.


For more information or to receive a quote, please contact or call us at 1.800.LED.9526.