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Daybreak LED school light

The operating costs of schools can be drastically improved by switching to LED lighting systems. Most school budgets are very tight, and often-times these budget expenditures result in the loss of extra-curricular study programs. Our LED services will not only save money, and energy, but will also reduce the adverse affects caused by elongated exposure to fluorescent lights.

Non-LED lights that only perform at 25% – 80% of the original levels, are still consuming the same energy as if the bulb was brand new. When a light bulb’s output depreciates, it does not reduce it’s energy consumption. Daybreak LED is here to provide you with cost effective, cutting edge technology LED solutions. This will not only save you money now, but for years to come. Our variety of LED products can replace your 175W -2000W metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury vapor high bays, and T5, T8, T10, T12 fluorescent tubes.

Contact us today at 800.LED.9526 to see how we can assist you.