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Our detailed analysis process will outline all aspects of your lighting needs including cost savings, incentives, photometric, current Lux levels, current fixture operations, and infrastructure review. Our team of degreed engineers and admin staff will handle the scheduling and project planning process to ensure satisfactory completion. The lighting specifications and technical aspects will be handled by our research team.


Feeling lost doing research on lighting? IP rating, CRI, Flicker Free, Life Span, Mean Lumens LM79, LM80, Type I or Type V , controls, sensors, light temperature, photometric, dialux, Kelvin, CCT, watts vs lumen output. It’s easy to see why our customers are excited to have our team alongside them to help identify the needs and to see them through the implementation process.


Bringing the project to life after the groundwork has been laid is one of the many assets Daybreaks project management team brings. Implementing your plan and goals is our mission. Don’t stress, DayBreak LED provides complete project management for guidance through choosing the best eco-design lighting technology, providing start to finish accountability. Have our licensed and vetted electrical installers handle your turn key lighting project or have our management team monitor yours.


Important as qualifying and setting initial goals, completion and after-action reviews are also a very important aspect of our processes. As a part of our quality controls when your project comes to a close our lighting professionals will do a final review to ensure all aspects of the installation were completed according to plan. Our customer’s satisfaction is a key fundamental aspect of our success. Our team will help train on automated systems, and commission your lighting controls if applicable.


Ask us about financing your project. Multiple reasonable options to get your project completed and avoid costly delays. Program features and benefits vary according to your project location. Zero upfront project costs available in most locations.